The pursuit of excellence in vascular surgery

Mellon has reinvented suturing. Classical suturing requires multiple orchestrated movements of both hands in order to place a single suture. In contrast, the Switch® requires just a pinch of the thumb and index finger. With only one hand needed to operate the device, the surgeon can use the other hand to present the tissue. Suturing is performed with great efficiency, as the needle no longer needs to transfer from one hand to the other.

High precision

The needle is always secured in one of the two jaws of the Switch®. A single pinch of the two double-action buttons transfers the needle to the other jaw. The straight needle follows a highly predictable linear path between the two jaws.

Reduced motion-friction minimizes the chances of a vessel wall tear, resulting in a high-quality vascular anastomosis.

Freedom of movement

The Switch® can easily be rotated in the hand because of its pencil-like shape. The 30° jaw-angle, allows the surgeon to suture in all possible radial directions. It is user-friendly for both right- and left-handed surgeons.

The 8 cm long jaws are ideal for accurate suturing of blood vessels in superficial wounds. The Switch® will also become available with 11 cm long jaws for delicate procedures in deep cavities.

Reliable and consistent

The Switch® is for single-patient use. A new and reliable device ready for every procedure means consistent quality without high sterilization costs. Multiple needle-suture combinations can be used with the same suturing device.

All operating personnel can safely and comfortably load the device with the Switch-Aid® needle loader, that comes with every suture. The suture that is provided, is a regular polypropylene thread compliant with the highest standards.

Saving Time

The Switch® is intuitive to use and the new method is easy to learn for skilled surgeons. The comfort of one-handed suturing yields more accurate suturing in less time.

Once surgeons are familiar with the device, significant time is saved during a critical phase of the vascular procedure. Through a reduction of the arterial cross-clamping time, patient outcome is improved.

Optimal control

The ergonomic design of the Switch® device allows surgeons to focus on the essential aspects of the procedure: accurately placing the suture. Pressing the large click-pads requires minimal effort. After every transfer of the needle, a click is audible, giving confidence that a suture has been placed. Suturing with the Switch® is suturing without fatigue.

In brief

The Switch® is designed for the most accurate performance in less time, resulting in the best possible patient outcome. It is the suturing device of choice for surgeons who perform the most challenging procedures. Mellon Medical has reinvented suturing.